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Programme Educational Objectives

  • To provide good skill in mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals for a successful career in the field of Civil Engineering.
  • To build the knowledge in planning, analysing, designing the structure in efficient manner.
  • To provide awareness on lifelong learning and ethics in professional activities.
  • To enable graduates to be able to communicate effectively and build the leadership qualities and teamwork for the efficient and flawless Civil Engineering process.
  • To enable gratuates to become successful Civil Engineers in order to satisfy the needs of the society in the field of Civil Engineering.
  • Programme Outcomes

    At the end of the programme the students will have

  • Engineering Knowledge : An ability to apply the fundamental knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering principles to solve the problems in the field.
  • Problem Analysis : An ability to identify, formulae and rectify Civil Engineering problems in the field.
  • Design / Development of Solutions : An ability to design and conduct experiments as well as to analyse and interpret data.
  • Conduct Investigations of Problems : An ability to conduct investigation, analysis, research methods including design of experiments and synthesis of information to provide better conclusion.
  • Modern Tool Usage : An ability to use the modern Civil Engineering tools, techniques, skills for engineering practice.
  • The Engineer and Society : An ability to design a safe system, component, or process as per the needs and specifications to meet designed goals considering environmental, social and ethical aspects.
  • Environment and Sustainability : An ability to observe the impact of engineering solutions on the society and utilize the knowledge for sustained development.
  • Ethics : An ability to understand professional and ethical responsibility.
  • Individual and Team Work : An ability to form teamwork and function on multidisciplinary teams.
  • Communication: An ability to deliver effective verbal, written and graphical communication.
  • Project Management and Finance : An ability to perform economic analysis, resource management and enhance research through engineering and management principles.
  • Life-long Learning : Recognize the need of an ability to engage the life-long learning.