Student Counseling Cell

Sl. No.NamePositionMobile
1 Dr. S. Charles Head 94439 14199
2 Dr.C.Nelson Kennedy Babu, HoD / CSE Member 99944 88669
3 Mrs.Shobby Margret Lydia, HoD / Civil Member 9943456375
4 Dr. M.R. Vanithamani, Dean / MBA Member 9750956760
5 Mr. Krishnamoorthy, Psychologist, External Counsellor Member 9443331160
6 Ms. E.Amrutha, AP/ ECE, Coordinator/ SCC Member 9497352774

Staff Counsellor

A staff counsellor is appointed for a batch of 25 students in a class, to act as a guardian for them throughout the year. They will address their intellectual and emotional needs, and provide them with career guidance.