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  • To prepare our Graduate with the knowledge in fundamentals of Maths & Science in the field of Computer Science and Engineering to solve related problems.
  • To train our students to develop need based systems that can address technical and social issues.
  • To develop graduates with an urge for continuous learning, knowledge updation and engage in professional activities.
  • To develop students with technical skills and inculcate business etiquettes to do justice to the society.
  • POs

  • Engineering Knowledge : Learn and apply knowledge of Mathematics, basic Science and Engineering to the related problems.
  • Problem Analysis : Develop the capability to identify, define and analyze problems related to Computer Science and Engineering.
  • Design/Development of Solutions : Evaluate and implement a computer-based system, process, component or program to meet the desired needs.
  • Conduct Investigations of Complex Problems : Use research-based knowledge, methods including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation and synthesis of the information to provide valid conclusions.
  • Modern tool usage : To provide exposure to the various tools, techniques, skills and resources necessary for solving complex problems.
  • Engineer and society : Acquire the potential to analyze and engineer the impact of computing on the society.
  • Environment and sustainability : Understand the impact of environmental issues in engineering solution for sustainable development.
  • Ethics : Relate ethical principles and professional morals and responsibilities for computing and engineering practice.
  • Individual and Team Work : Function effectively as a member and as a leader in a team to manage projects.
  • Communication : Communicate efficiently the engineering concepts and convey the computing knowledge among the society in line to grant and accept actions.
  • Project Management and Finance : To develop skills to manage projects with due consideration on financial aspects and for diverse settings.
  • Life-long learning : Recognition of the need for, and an ability to engage in professional development through life-long learning.