Programme Educational Objectives

  • To produce Electronics and Communication Engineering graduates with employability skills.
  • To motivate students to pursue higher studies.
  • To promotes awareness on life-long learning and to instill ethics in professional activities among students.
  • To inculcate entrepreneurship culture among students.
  • To produce Electronics and Communication Engineering graduates with professionalism and ethics.
  • Programme Outcomes

    At the end of the programme, Engineering Graduates will be able to

  • Apply mathematics, science and fundamental engineering knowledge to solve problems in the field of electronics and communication.
  • Identify study, analyze and review engineering problems and provide conclusions using basic principles and fundamentals of core subjects.
  • Design a component, a system or process to meet the specific needs within the realistic constraints such as economics, environment, ethics, health, safety and manufacturability.
  • Apply research techniques for analysis, interpretation and synthesis of data to arrive at valid conclusions.
  • Expose students to modern tools in order to select and apply appropriate techniques for the design & analysis of systems.
  • Offer Engineering solutions to societal problems.
  • Understand that environmental issues and sustainability should be considered while providing solutions to problems.
  • Work efficiently either as an individual or a member or a leader in a multi disciplinary activities.
  • Develop oral and written communication skills both technical and general for survival in various domains.
  • Develop skills to manage projects and finance in various fields.
  • Inculcate inquisitiveness for continuous learning
  • Programme Specific Outcomes

    At the end of the programme the students will be able to

  • Display the ability to understand and apply the principles of Electronics and Communication to solve problems in the domain.
  • Communicate ideas, take up responsibility and be an Ethical Engineer.