List of Patent Filed

Academic YearInventor NameTitle of the Innovation
2018-19 Dr. N. Suma Self-Configuring Traffic Flow Control System.
2018-19 Mr. P.Rajasekar
2018-19 Mr. M. Arun Kumar
2018-19 Mr. E. Ramesh Marivendhan
2018-19 Dr. R. K.Gnanamurthy Fast And Accurate Face Recognition System Using Combined Wave Decomposition System And Correlation Test System
2017-18 Dr.N.Suma Eye Protection Devices For Smart Television
2017-18 Dr.N.Suma An Apparatus To Detect Bird And Method There Off

List of Copy Rights Filed:

Academic YearName of the FacultyTitle of Copyrights
2018-19 Dr. R. K.Gnanamurthy Automatic Rearrangement of Face Image Database on Correlation Statistics Scilab Software
2018-19 Dr. R. K.Gnanamurthy A Novel Artificial Neural and 2DPCA –Based Hybrid Approach for Face Recognition

Book Publications

Academic YearName of the FacultyName of the book
2019-20 Dr.N.Suma Digital communication
2018-19 Dr.N.Suma Electronic circuits 1