(i) Manufacturing Technology Laboratory – I

(ii) Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Laboratory

(iii) Manufacturing Technology Laboratory–II

(iv) Thermal Engineering Laboratory – I

(v) Strength of Materials LaboratoryI

(vi) Dynamics Laboratory

(vii) Thermal Engineering Laboratory-II

(viii) Metrology and Measurements Laboratory

(ix) C.A.D. / C.A.M. Laboratory

(x) Computer Aided Simulation & Analysis Laboratory

(xi) Mechatronics Lab

Name of the Laboratory Lab In-charge Major Facilities
Manufacturing Technology Laboratory - I Mr. S.Dhamotharan 1. Centre Lathes 2. Horizontal Milling Machine 3. Vertical Milling Machine 4. Shaper
Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Laboratory Mr. N.Dhayanidhi 1. Orifice meter setup 2. Venturi meter setup 3. Rotameter setup 4. Pipe Flow analysis setup 5. Centrifugal pump/submergible pump setup 6. Reciprocating pump setup 7. Gear pump setup 8. Pelton wheel setup 9. Francis turbine setup 10. Kaplan turbine setup
Manufacturing Technology Laboratory–II Mr. S. Dhamotharan 1. Turret and Capstan Lathes 2. Horizontal Milling Machine 3. Vertical Milling Machine 4. Surface Grinding Machine 5. Cylinderical Grinding Machine 6. Radial Drilling Machine 7. lathe Tool Dynamometer 8. Milling Tool Dynamometer 9. Gear Hobbing Machine 10. Tool Makers Microscope 11. CNC Lathe 12. CNC Milling machine 13. Gear Shaping machine 14. Centerless grinding machine 15. Tool and cutter grinder
Thermal Engineering Laboratory – I Mr. V.S. Kandavel 1. I.C Engine – 2 stroke and 4 stroke model 2. Apparatus for Flash and Fire Point 3. 4-stroke Diesel Engine with mechanical loading 4. 4-stroke Diesel Engine with hydraulic loading 5. 4-stroke Diesel Engine with electrical loading 6. Multi-cylinder Petrol Engine 7. Single cylinder Petrol Engine 8. Data Acquisition system with any one of the above engines 9. Steam Boiler with turbine setup
Strength of Materials Laboratory Mr. N. Ganesh 1. Universal Tensile Testing machine with double 1 shear attachment – 40 Ton Capacity 2. Torsion Testing Machine (60 NM Capacity) 3. Impact Testing Machine (300 J Capacity) 4. Brinell Hardness Testing Machine 5. Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine 6. Spring Testing Machine for tensile and compressive loads (2500 N) 7. Metallurgical Microscopes 8. Muffle Furnace (800 C)
Dynamics Laboratory Mr. S. Jaya prakash 1. Cam follower setup. 2. Motorised gyroscope. 3. Governor apparatus - Watt, Porter, Proell and Hartnell governors. 4. Whirling of shaft apparatus. 5. Dynamic balancing machine. 6. Two rotor vibration setup. 7. Spring mass vibration system. 8. Torsional Vibration of single rotor system setup. 9. Gear Models 10. Kinematic Models to study various mechanisms. 11. Turn table apparatus. 12. Transverse vibration setup of a) cantilever b) Free-Free beam c) Simply supported beam.
Thermal Engineering Laboratory-II Mr. Rakesh.P.R 1. Guarded plate apparatus 2. Lagged pipe apparatus 3. Natural convection-vertical cylinder apparatus 4. Forced convection inside tube apparatus 5. Composite wall apparatus 6. Thermal conductivity of insulating powder apparatus 7. Pin-fin apparatus 8. Stefan-Boltzmann apparatus 9. Emissivity measurement apparatus 10. Parallel/counter flow heat exchanger apparatus 11. Single/two stage reciprocating air compressor 12. Refrigeration test rig 13. Air-conditioning test rig
Metrology and Measurements Laboratory Mr. M. Mohan 1. Micrometer 2. Vernier Caliper 3. Vernier Height Gauge 4. Vernier depth Gauge 5. Slip Gauge Set 6. Gear Tooth Vernier 7. Sine Bar 8. Floating Carriage Micrometer 9. Profile Projector / Tool Makers Microscope 10. Parallel / counter flow heat exchanger apparatus 11. Mechanical / Electrical / Pneumatic Comparator 12. Autocollimator 13. Temperature Measuring Setup 14. Force Measuring Setup 15. Torque Measuring Setup 16. Coordinate measuring machine 17. Surface finish measuring equipment 18. Bore gauge 19. Telescope gauge
C.A.D. / C.A.M. Laboratory Mr. C. Raja sekar HARDWARE 1. Computer Server 2. Computer nodes or systems (High end CPU with atleast 1GB main memory) networked to the server 3. A3 size plotter 4. Laser Printer 5. CNC Lathe 6. CNC milling machine SOFTWARE 7. Any High end integrated modeling and manufacturing CAD/ CAM software 8. CAM Software for machining centre and turning centre (CNC Programming and tool path simulation for FANUC / Sinumeric and Heidenhain controller) 9. Licensed operating system Adequate 10. Support for CAPP Adequate
Computer Aided Simulation & Analysis Laboratory Mr. Eshwaran 1. Computer System 30 17” VGA Color Monitor 2. Pentium IV Processor 3. 40 GB HDD 4. 512 MB RAM 5. Color Desk Jet Printer 01 Software 6. Suitable analysis software C / MATLAB
Mechatronics Lab Mr.Ragothaman 1. Basic Pneumatic Trainer Kit with manual and electrical controls/ PLC Control each 2. Basic Hydraulic Trainer Kit 1 No 3. Hydraulics and Pneumatics Systems Simulation Software 10 No 4. 8051 - Microcontroller kit with stepper motor and drive circuit sets 5. Image processing system with hardware & software