Student achievement

Batch Register Number Name of the student Branch CGPA CLASS University Rank
2009-2013 100411141009 Sundaramoorthy.R (Gold medalist) Mechanical 90.286 (Upto 7th Sem) FWD

Co-Curricular Activities

Name of the student Title Venue Award
Sundaramoorthy.R Paper Topic - Eyerish Recognition SMNSK College of Engg., Pudukkottai Participation Certificate


Name of the student Event Venue Prize
Sundaramoorthy.R NSS Best Volunteer for the year 2011-2012 Anna University Coimbatore Best Volunteer Award
Sundaramoorthy.R One Day Workshop 2012 College Appreciation Certificate
Amal saj Thakkatil Eshwar college Second prize

Staff List

Professor & Head of the Department Contact
Dr.S.Charles, M.E., Ph.D. Mai id Tel: 9449314199
Associate Professor Contact
V.S.Kandavel, M.E.
Assistant Professor Contact
N.Prabakaran, M.E Mai id : Tel: 8489174445
S.Jayaprakash, M.E Mai id : Tel: 9750956767
M.Mohan, M.E Mai id : Tel: 9600257003
S.Damotharan, M.E Mai id : Tel: 9750055465
C. Raja sekar, M.E Mai id : Tel: 9894822369
A.SenthilKumar, M.E Mai id : Tel: 9894822369
N.Dhayanidhi, M.E Mai id : Tel: 9894667832
P.R.Rakesh, M.E Mai id : Tel: 9940213085
S.Ragothaman, M.E Mai id : Tel: 9994772281
M.Karthik, M.E Mai id : Tel: 9842128787
Eshwaran, M.E Mai id : Tel: 9677807930
D.Mohan, M.E Mai id Tel: 7601813969
Lecturer Contact
N.Ganesh, B.E Mai id : Tel: 9842292284
Lab Assistant Contact
R .Elamurugan, ITI Mai id : Tel: 9965454589
M. Siva kumar, ITI Mai id : Tel: 9944137342
J.Pradap, ITI Mai id : Tel: 9942404780