Planning and Monitoring Board

Sl. No.NamePosition
1 Dr. S.Charles Head
2 Dr.K.Baghirathi Member
3 Mr.G.Saranraj Member
4 Dr.S.Dharmalingam Member
5 Dr.C.Nelson Kennedy Babu Member
6 Dr.P.S.Balamurugan Member
7 Mr.M.Karthikeyan Member
8 Dr.N.Suma Member
9 Dr.M. R. Vanithamani Member
10 Mr.L.Balasubramanian Member

Roles & Responsibilities

  • To improve the Teaching – Learning Process and the quality of academic programs.
  • To formulate policies, procedures and guidelines that relate to academic activities.
  • To scrutinize and approve the proposal with or without modifications and forward to the Department Advisory Committee with regard to academic regulations, curricula, syllabi, instructional and evaluational methods, relevant procedures etc.,
  • To make necessary changes in the rules and regulations of the college,
  • To monitor the admission of students to different program of study, regulation for sports, extra-curricular activities, proper maintenance of hostels and playgrounds etc.,
  • To recommend to the governing body, proposal for introduction of new program of study, scholarship, fellowships, prizes and medals.