The research and development cell promotes research through innovative thinking. The cell aims to deliver education that will correspond to quality research.

Role and responsibilities

  • Facilitate growth of research activity in the faculty, including developing mechanisms and targets to achieve this.
  • To foster innovation and research that will lead to competitive development.
  • Encourage publication of research articles
  • Formulate faculty incentive provisions with respect to article publications in peer reviewed journals.
  • Promote/ encourage faculty-student research leading to patents.

  • Sl. No.NamePosition
    1 Dr.N.Suma Chairman
    2 Dr.C.Nelson Kennedy Babu Member
    3 Dr.P.S.Balamurugan Member
    4 Mr.M.Karthikeyan Member
    5 Dr.S.Dharmalingam Member
    6 Dr .M.R.Vanithamani Member
    7 Mr.L.Balasubramanian Member