Sl. No. Name Position Designation
1 Shri. P. Neelaraj Chairman Secretary
2 Dr. N. Vinoth Member Director
3 Shri. P. Mani Member Trustee
4 Dr. T. Sharanya Vinoth Member Trustee
5 Dr. S. Gowri Member University Representative
6 Mr. K. Purushothaman Member Industrialist
7 Mr. Sasikanth Jayaraman Member Industrialist
8 Dr. C.Jegadheesan Member Principal
9 Prof. G. Saranraj Member Vice Principal

Functions & responsibilities

  • To make policy decisions on the improvement of the college with an objective to lead the college towards excellence.
  • To prepare and pass annual budget (towards development of infrastructure, departments, laboratories and staff salary).
  • To review the past resolutions, action taken reports, academic results, student welfare measures.
  • To review communications received from AICTE, DOTE and Anna University.
  • To aim for continuous development through NBA, NAAC Accreditation.

Administrative Set-Up


Sl. No. Name Position Designation
1 Dr.C.Jegadheesan Chairman Principal
2 Dr. K. Baghirathi Member Dean Academic
3 Prof. G. Saranraj Member Vice Principal
4 Dr. K. Vetrivel kumar Member Academician
5 Dr. M. Karthikeyan Member Academician
6 Dr. B. Rajeshkumar Member Academician
7 Dr. T. Joby Titus Member Academician
8 Dr. S. Sam  Karthik Member Academician
9 Prof. S. Yamini Priya Member Academician
10 Prof. P. Kalaiarasi Member Academician

Roles & Responsibilities

  • To improve the Teaching – Learning Process and the quality of academic programs.
  • To formulate policies, procedures and guidelines that relate to academic activities.
  • To make necessary changes in the rules and regulations of the college .
  • To monitor the admission of students to different program of study, regulation for sports, extra-curricular activities, proper maintenance of hostels and playgrounds.
  • To recommend to the governing body, proposal for introduction of new program of study, scholarship, fellowships, prizes and medals.
Sl. No. Name Position
Dr.C.Jegadheesan  Head
Dr. K. Baghirathi Member
Prof. G. Saranraj Member
Dr. K. Vetrivel Kumar Member
Dr. B. Rajesh Kumar Member
Dr. M. Karthikeyan Member
7. Dr. T. Joby Titus Member
Ms. P. Kalaiarasi Member
Mr. V. Vijayasankar Member
Mr. Kumaraguru Member
11. Ms. Shanthi Member

The research and development cell promotes research through innovative thinking. The cell aims to deliver education that will correspond to quality research.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Facilitate growth of research activity in the faculty, including developing mechanisms and targets to achieve this.
  • To foster innovation and research that will lead to competitive development.
  • Encourage publication of research articles
  • Formulate faculty incentive provisions with respect to article publications in peer reviewed journals.
  • Promote/ encourage faculty-student research leading to patents.
Sl. No. Name Position
1 Dr.C.Jegadheesan Chairman
2 Dr. N. Gowri, Anna University Chennai Member
3 Dr. M. Karthikeyan Member
4 Dr. K. Vetrivel Kumar Member
5 Dr. B. Rajesh Kumar Member
6 Dr. T. Joby Titus Member
7 Prof. S. Yamini Priya Member


This cell addresses the problems of female students and staff regarding their grievances. The blending of knowledge and manpower can be enhanced via the following programs:

  • Personality Development Program
  • Health & Hygienic Program
  • Women’s self defense and self protection
  • Provoking the participation of the women sector in varied fields.
  • Promoting the ideas of medical awareness.
  • Shed negligence for anticipations.
  • Zero tolerance for harassment

No cases regarding sexual harassment have been reported in the college till date. The following shows the women cell composition.


  • A team comprising of a senior female faculty, faculty from all programs and student representatives comprise the Women Cell.
  • It looks into the grievances of women, particularly, harassment against women, neglect, desertion, etc, if any.
  • Extension of college hours for women faculty is avoided to the possible extent.


Sl. No. Name Role Designation
1 Dr. K. Baghirathi Member Dean Academic
2 Prof. S. Yamini Priya Member HoD i/c – BME
3 Ms. V. Preetha Member AP/S&H
4 Ms. J. Pavithra Member AP/CSE
5 Mrs. V. Gomathi Member AP/EEE
6 Ms. P. Kalaiarasi Member HoD i/c – Food
7 Ms.K.Subaharini Member Student
8 Ms.Devika.S.DAS Member Student
9 Dr.Amutha Elangoven Member Gynaecologist


Grievances Redressal Cell (GRC) is formed by the Head of the Institution to monitor the complaints received from faculty and students and subsequent remedial measures adopted. The institution has suggestion boxes which are set up in main areas of the campus/hostel. Regularly the grievances are collected from the suggestion boxes and are forwarded to the committee where the grievances are redressed.


Sl. No. Members Role Designation
Dr.C.Jegadheesan Head  Principal
Dr. K. Baghirathi Member Dean Academic
Prof. G. Saranraj Member Vice Principal
Prof. S. Yamini Priya Member HoD i/c / BME
Dr. M. Karthikeyan Member HOD / CIVIL
Dr. K. Vetrivel Kumar Member HOD / MECH
Dr. B. Rajesh Kumar Member HOD / CSE
8. Dr. T. Joby Titus Member HOD / ECE
Mr. V. Vijayasankar Member Physical Director
Mr. Kumaraguru Member AP/MECH & Deputy warden Boys Hostel
Ms. Shanthi Member AP/ECE & Deputy warden Girls Hostel

Grievance Redressal mechanism

  • College has constituted a student’s grievance redressal cell.
  • Suggestion boxes are placed in every block.
  • Separate registers are maintained for the grievances to record the date of grievance, grievance details, redressal details and date of redressal.
  • Students having grievances with the internal evaluation process can directly approach the concerned faculty member, who in turn will discuss the performance of the student openly.
  • Students are also free to consult the Head of the Department through counselor in case of their unsolved grievances, if any.

The exam cell coordinates with Anna University regarding all matters related to the University examinations. The In-charge also coordinates along with the Principal regarding all the proceedings of the Exam cell. Any information either received or required to be sent to the University is being dealt within the cell. Any circular, guidelines, office order, notifications received by the college is processed in the cell; reply thereof prepared and after Principal’s signature dispatched to the University.


  • Examination circulars received from the University are duly served to all concerned.
  • Notices from University indicating details regarding exam fee collection, the last date of fee collection, modalities of payment of fine etc., are communicated.
  • It is responsible for preparation of smooth conduct of examinations, preparation of internal exam schedule, invigilation duty chart, seat allotment in the examination halls etc.
  • For conduct of examination, preparation of proper staff mobilization, assigning the duty as per the duty chart already prepared
  • After completion of examination, distribution of answer books to the concerned teachers and receiving the answer books/ mark, and preparing the same in the desired format to be sent to the University.
  • The cell analyzes all examination results and in consultation with the Principal, prepares the report thereof for submission to the appropriate authorities for follow up action.


Sl. No. Name Role
1 Dr.C.Jegadheesan Principal / Chief Superintendent
2 Dr. K. Baghirathi Dean Academic
3 Mr. R. Karthik Exam Cell in-charge
4 Mr. S. Mukunthan ECE Department Coordinator
5 Mr. S. Pranavan Civil Department Coordinator
6 Ms. J. Pavithra CSE Department Coordinator
7 Mr. V. Gomathi EEE Department Coordinator
8 Mr. Poorna Chandran MECH Department Coordinator
9 Mrs. Priyadharshini MBA Department Coordinator
10 Ms. Geethaananthi BME Department Coordinator
11 Ms. Kalaiarasi FT Department Coordinator
12 Mr.J.Uthayakumar AI & DS Department Coordinator


  • Performance management system for academic, professional and administrative (Personnel – Faculty: Technical & non-technical & Administration) employees that is delivered in a manner that is appropriate to the nature of the work.
  • Recognizes and rewards exemplary performance, promotions etc.
Sl. No. Name Position
1 Shri.P.Neelaraj Chairman
2 Dr.N.Vinoth Director
3 Dr.S.Gowri Member
4 Dr.C.Jegadheesan Member
5 Dr.K.Baghirathi Member
Concerned HoD


  • Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) continuously strives to achieve standards of excellence in teaching-learning process, continuous education, research and lifelong learning.
  • IQAC has students as its members. IQAC interacts with the student members as well as alumni for their feedback on effective functioning of the IQAC. Alumni give suggestions about industry expectations. Students also share their academic and co curricular requirements with IQAC.
  • IQAC also engages some staff for its administration and development work. The communication is done through circulars, e-mails and meetings. The composition of IQAC team members are listed below.


Sl. No. Name Position Management
1 Shri. P. Neelaraj Chairman Management
2 Dr. N. Vinoth Director Management
3 Dr.C.Jegadheesan Member Principal
4 Dr. K. Baghirathi IQAC Coordinator Dean Academic
5 Prof. G. Saranraj Co -Coordinator Vice Principal
6 Ms. Indhu Member ECE
7 Dr. S. Sam Karthik Member EEE
8 Dr. B. Rajesh Kumar Member HOD/CSE
9 Mr. Deepak Member MECH
10 Mr. Pranavan Member CIVIL
11. Dr. Kadhirvel Member MBA
12 Ms. Athira Biju Student Representative CSE
13 Ms. Praveena Student Representative ECE
14 Mr. Arunprasath Student Representative MECH
15 Mrs. Ponrani Member Nominee from local society


  • The Library Committee is responsible for advising, developing and monitoring policies of the library
  • The committee provides an opportunity to share policy-making decisions and make suggestions for improvements in service provision.


Sl. No. Faculty members Position
1 Shri. P. Neelaraj Executive Member
2 Dr.C.Jegadheesan Executive Member
3 Prof. G. Saranraj Executive Member
4 Prof. S. Yamini Priya Executive Member
5 Dr. K. Vetrivel Kumar Faculty Member
6 Ms. Aparna Librarian
7 Ms. Bhavana Student Representatives
8 Mr. Navaneetha Krishnan Student Representatives


The institution has Training and Placement Cell (TPC) for career guidance, training, and placement to the students. The TPC provides information, advice and guidance to students through individual interviews and group work by inviting resource persons from various organizations.

Sl.No. Name Role
1 Mr. V. Bharath Choudry TPO
2 Dr. K. Baghirathi Member
3 Mr. N. Karthik Member
4 Ms. J. Pavithra Member
5 Mr. Kumaraguru Member
6 Dr. S. Samkarthick Member
7 Mr. P .G. Karthik Member

In addition to arranging campus interviews, the HRDC involves in organizing various Personality Development Programs. Self Development Programs from the first year itself. Career Counseling, Academic Counseling and Personal Counseling are provided.

  • Communication skills
  • Methods to increase confidence level in facing interviews
  • In-plant training, Industrial visits
  • Periodical lectures and training through eminent personalities
  • Mock interviews and group discussions
  • Weekly aptitude tests for final and pre-final year students.

The college has signed Memorandum of Understanding with various top companies for sharing of knowledge, experience, learning resources, organizing national/international conferences, seminars, workshops, symposia, exchange of faculty for various academic and research programs.

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